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- Happy Hour
- Round Tables
- Showcase Gig

- Deck It or Beck It
- Co-Lab Awards

Middle East 

MAY 2025

"I have a Dream, so Lets" 
Deck It or Back It @Pitch Deck Global Stage

The Pitch Deck Global Stage - The The Highloght of The Pitch Deck Festival is The Pitch Deck Global Stage, which presents an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain global exposure and establish connections with potential investors and partners. This event will facilitate collaboration and cross-border partnerships, enabling startups to broaden their horizons and grow their businesses.



Collaborate and Innovate with Us @ Co-Lab House

Our Co-Lab House provides a state-of-the-art platform for entrepreneurs, startups, countries, brands, and businesses to showcase their services. Our modern venue is perfect for hosting a variety of events, such as happy hours, showcases, screenings, and networking lounges. We understand the importance of connecting with people from different backgrounds and are dedicated to creating a space where individuals can share their cultures and ideas. Our goal is to foster an environment where people can collaborate and produce exceptional results. Join us at Co-Lab House for an unforgettable experience.

What's On

What's On

Happy Hour
ross Cultural ExChange

Come to Co-Lab House for an unforgettable Happy Hour experience! Every night , we are hosting incredible networking and showcases events in our unique venue. Join us and make meaningful connections in our creative space.

The Showcase GIG

At Co-Lab, we bring together creatives from all over the world to collaborate and share their knowledge. We offer a unique experience that combines music, film, comedy, and technology, with the goal of achieving innovative solutions and new perspectives. Our cross-country showcase is designed to explore and celebrate the power of collaboration, and to foster a sense of cultural exchange. With our platform, creatives have the opportunity to come together to share their skills, resources, and ideas.

Magic of Co-Lab World

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